The Better Healthcare Company

An Integrated Healthcare Technology Company

Our mission is to increase access and reduce friction around global healthcare services. We offer technology, platforms, and know-how to transform and simplify patients’ access and experience with their healthcare providers.

Better Access

– The problem of access affects everyone 

– The journey to a full recovery after being hurt or sick is often a labyrinth of steps exacerbated by incomplete information, limited time, and unknown costs 

– Patients, frustrated by the healthcare system, are hesitant to seek help. Between each step in the patient journey, there are unique frictions that prevent a patient from advancing towards the proper care 

Better Technology

– To solve the problem of patient access, providers and health plans have rushed to technology

– If the right process is not in place, technology only leads to the wrong answer faster

– Current attempts to address friction points have resulted in a “zero-sum game” where one of the stakeholders (patient, provider, and health plan) benefits at the expense of the others 

Better Patient Experience

– Patients want reasonably priced care at their time and place of choosing 

– Providers want to offer virtual, office, on-demand, and self-help access with the best outcome 

– Health plans want to direct patient where they can receive in-network care 

– All three stakeholders need each other to survive, yet none are truly connected 

– What is needed is a central location where all the stakeholders can seamlessly meet and interact 

Why BetterHealthcare

Healthcare consumers have become more empowered due to the increase in deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. As a result, people of all ages expect transparent, convenient, high quality care delivered at the time and on the device of their choosing. We can help providers deploy and maximize their digital capabilities throughout the patient journey to meet these evolving market demands.

What Patients Say is Important to Them


of patients say appointment availability is extremely/very important


of patients have looked for another provider in search for a sooner appointment


of patients said they had switched providers to get a sooner appointment


of patients are more likely to choose a provider that offers reminders for follow-up care via email or text


of patients are more likely to use a provider offering video conferencing


of patients say that COVID-19 has increased their willingness to try telehealth in the future