Our enterprise-level platform provides a solid foundation 

The BetterAccess platform provides a solid foundation for any healthcare provider’s Digital Front Door and allows an organization to evolve their patients’ access to care. As your agile technology partner, we will help you build your business for the twenty-first century. 

Security and Compliance 

  • HIPAA compliant infrastructure that adheres to the Amazon Web Services Healthcare Security Controls Matrix 
  • Dedicated DevOps / SecOps team that performs routine scans and audits on a regular basis 
  • Yearly penetration testing by a well-established third party 
  • Fully executed BAAs in place for all major partners 


  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure that is regularly stress-tested, monitored, and optimized for performance 
  • Strong relationship with Amazon Web Services’ Solution Architects that provide guidance on building “infinite scalabiltiy” 
  • Comprehensive and continuous monitoring in order to identify increased latency, load, and potential quality of service issues 


  • Modern and robust microservices architecture that allows for efficient, agile development 
  • Remote configuration technology that allows for increased customization 
  • Tiered architecture that is designed for interoperability