About Us

Based on our collective experiences and background in orthopedics, physical therapy, and personal training, the patient has always been the center of our focus. We developed our products and services to help keep pace with technology, innovation, and user experiences adopted by other industries all within a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment specifically for the physical therapy industry.

Since launching our business in 2017, we have learned a great deal about supporting and communicating with patients. We recognized that the underlying components, features, and processes we deployed can be used by other companies across the healthcare industry. 

We believe modern, thoughtful, and interoperable solutions will make healthcare easier and more accessible for everyone. Solutions which bridge the gap between the front office, clinicians, and patients, making it easy to discover and book with the perfect provider that is right for the user to receive the best care possible.

The Problem: A Broken Healthcare Journey

Almost everyone can recount challenges that they, a relative, friend, or colleague have encountered with the healthcare system from initial diagnosis to full recovery. In order to access the appropriate healthcare provider, patients must endure a labyrinth of steps made harder at a time when they are time-constrained and emotionally vulnerable. Each step in their journey introduces unique friction points that stop or greatly hinder patients from advancing towards proper care. 

They struggle to find a location convenient to their work or home that happens to accept their insurance. If they need a specialist, then they usually must choose from a list with scant information about their qualifications or performance. They then face the issue of unknown total cost across multiple providers based on the course of care and left to struggle with how they will pay for it  all through a combination of out-of-pocket, co-pay, level of benefits, and in or out of network coverage. 

Many providers, healthcare plans, and companies have relied on technology to “fix” the patient experience. Unfortunately, the piecemeal approach continues to perpetuate the friction for all parties and creating inequitable benefits for some at the expense of the other. 

The Solution:  BetterAccess Platform

We have validated that people will consume healthcare like they would travel and food. When anxiety is removed as the main obstacle for patients, treaters will be able to better address injuries. Our BetterAccess technology platform and processes facilitates the patient journey regardless of how they would like to interact: virtually, in-office, on-demand, or self-help. 

BetterAccess is customized to accelerate and enhance a customer’s business processes beginning with one access point and expanding to others as adoption increases. Our transactional model ensures that you only pay for what you use and ultimately grow together. The end result is a deeper relationship with all relevant stakeholders and facilitates a mutually beneficial two-way engagement.  

The BetterHealthcare Story

Co-Founder Greg Peters has been part of the healthcare ecosystem his entire personal and professional life. Co-Founder Stephen Fealy is a practicing orthopedic surgeon and entrepreneur who values technology as a mechanism to serve more patients.


Time and again, access proved to be the major challenge in healthcare.


People will consume healthcare like they do travel or food.


The physical therapy space proved the perfect vertical to test.

Better Healthcare

Applying lessons from patients, customers and partners.

Harnessing Data

As we built out our products and platforms, we knew we needed to collect all of the data flowing through the system so we can simultaneously demonstrate value to our customers while continuing to uncover unique opportunities for exponential benefits to the patients they serve  

As part of our investment in establishing a best-in-class technology organization and data-driven business, we have expended significant resources to supercharge the value of our data.

  • From data collection, to building pipelines, to data warehousing, to transformations, and reporting and visualization, we have applied our agile, engineering mindset to build a data infrastructure on par with our software development stack 
  • We have led thorough implementations of the leading tools in the modern data stack, including Snowflake, Segment, and Looker, which enables us to scale  
  • We have created company-wide data models, a dynamic data dictionary, and comprehensive, self-serve reporting 
  • We have built the infrastructure to share data back with our customers and patients, which will help us prove value, optimize their use of our platform, and serve as case studies for sales 
  • While we build towards our next phase of data capabilities, specifically predictive analytics and machine learning, comprehensive internal and external reporting will help our customers instill a culture of data-driven decision-making and prioritization 


Greg Peters

Co-Founder & CEO

Stephen Fealy, MD

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Marla Ranieri, PT, DPT, OCS

Chief Development Officer

Damian Esteban

Chief Technology Officer

Tim Walston

Chief Digital Officer

Bryan S. Bloom

Chief Operations Officer


Advisory Board